Who can investigate?

The Private Detective is regulated in Law 23/1992 on Private Security (LSP). According to the Supreme Court ruling (19/02/2008) Private Detective is the only professional ability to practice private investigation, always within the law and a legitimate interest by the contracting of services.

Who can request an investigation?

You can request an investigation any person or entity that is part legitimized in the case of natural or legal persons, goods made of family environment, labor, business and overall private sector.

What can a private detective investigate?

The Private Investigation may investigate and provide information and conduct tests on private or events, and conduct investigations of crimes pursued parte, affected by the criminal process. In addition to the charge of the surveillance is not uniform in fairs, hotels, exhibitions and similar areas.

How do I know that a detective is qualified to work?

All individual or company interested in hiring a private detective agency must ask your professional license granted by the Ministry of Interior (Professional Identification Card, TIP). And in the case of Catalonia and other regions with Professional Association, the detectives should be duly collegiate.


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