blackbox detectives operates in the following fields:

Background work.

Dismiss workers is a big expense for the company, and if you add all the damage produced by the worker, either in low labor productivity, stolen or theft or other problems associated with such behavior, alcohol or drugs . Although recruitment process, if accompanied by a background investigation of previous life and work of the subject to evaluate, be sustained in authentic and verifiable criteria when making the decision whether or not to hire him. BlackBox helps at the moment, doing a background report workplace.


The absenteeism is a problem that causes great economic losses in productivity and business. BlackBox is the tool to reduce the rate of absenteeism, workers carrying out checks, obtaining evidence to open disciplinary proceedings to the same (serving as an example to the rest) or even to terminate her contract or for breach bad faith, increasing business profitability.

Fake sick leaves, in situations of fraud I.L.T.

The employer, along with Social Security pays the worker in cases of temporary disability. But when this does not put all the media for its recovery or even fakes an injury or takes the floor to work on their own or others, as a large expense and damage to the company. BlackBox provides the necessary evidence for relevant proceedings.

Audit of the Public: Mystery Shop.

BlackBox performs actions in shops and stores, to assess the care and treatment of personnel your business, using the figure of the mysterious buyer, which performs a series of indirect questions the employee to provide the employer a summary of treatment received, the impression given off trade and possible areas to improve or change.

Duplication of jobs, working infidelities. Duplication of representation.

If the employer has exclusive commercial spent much of his time to represent other brands or products, blackbox get the relevant tests in order to re-negotiate with the party concerned or to terminate the contract with minimal costs to the company .

Unfair Competition.

If there is a drain on company directors or employees of competition, blackbox analyze the case in order to prove infringement of competition law, and give customers the best information Peque has the least economic losses or may claim appropriate compensation to the actors or the opposite.

Leaks of information, violation of secrets.

BlackBox performs security audits on your company, to prevent or detect leaks of classified and sensitive information of your company and identify the perpetrators.

Control agents, carriers and commercial network.

The expenses are a very large percentage to businesses, and also if they are supported by business results expected. BlackBox performs checks for verification and tracking of routes, diets, kilometers, hours, etc.. their commercial network.

Control of union delegates and credit hours.

The dedication of labor hours is a right of workers unions and union representatives. But many times the credit hours not used in good faith, being used for own purposes. BlackBox performs controls the hours of union delegates and pass a detailed activities and what are these if they are dedicated to the union.

Controls special industries, leaks of materials, increased loss unknown.

BlackBox performs the analysis of your store or business to detect leakage or theft of material and try to identify sources for increasing the unknown loss of their business.

Counterfeiting of trademarks and patent infringement.

The brand and the product itself are very good value for the company, which has invested many hours and money in R & D. This competition knows this and takes a sample of your product and falsified, obtaining a higher yield immediate and without spending on research or development, causing him great harm and getting it market share. BlackBox helps in protecting their interests, demonstrating the falsehood and patent infringement, and unmasking the authors.


Real Estate

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