blackbox private detectives is the external consultant that can be used in any situation of crisis to find an answer to their problems, the tool that complements your business or support in their disputes.

blackbox is a member of the private detectives Il • Bar Association of Private Detectives of Catalonia.

We act with the utmost professionalism, discretion and professionalism, directing all our efforts towards the goal of overwhelming evidence to strengthen the robustness of our results.

blackbox staff is constantly training and development to adapt to the demands of modern times, applying traditional research, the methods of the XXI Century.

The working method is based on blackbox constant application of traditional research, combining the use of new technologies that allow us to tackle any type of service with maximum discretion and security guarantees.

We have extensive technical resources and collaborate with experts in various specialist subjects, such as psychologists, grafňlegs, criminologists, engineers in telecommunications, and other private investigation agencies to make our work more effective.

After receiving a query, blackbox starts a case study, and then offer an initial assessment of the situation and possible actions to a tight budget.

All results are expressed in a report, and attaching the tests inconclusive
as photographs and video. The report of private detectives is admitted as evidence testifical qualified by the Judicial bodies.

Reaffirm our work before any competent court.

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